Is Bottled Water Good For Plants?

Watering your plants may appear to be a simple task yet it is not. You have to choose wisely since different types of water have different effects on the growth of your plants. Bottled water is mostly used on plants that are highly sensitive to some minerals and chemicals in other types of water. Ensure you monitor the behavior of your plants to determine whether it is necessary to change the water you use on them.

  • Advantage of Bottled Water

Bottled water is best for most plants considering the build-up of minerals and salts in tap water. These salts could cause problems in the growth of plants. The bottled water is safer and better since it is distilled. The water is boiled and the steam produced is condensed leaving behind any harmful substances. Plants can absorb the water, without taking in other harmful substances thus leading to their healthy growth.

  • Disadvantage of Bottled Water

It goes without saying. Bottled water is more expensive compared to tap water. You often require to get it and carry it to your residence. The bottled water also takes up space since you have to store it.

In spite of the costs, you have to incur, bottled water is the best for your plants. Bottled water will facilitate quick growth for your plants and also keep them healthy.

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