How To Remove Zinc From Tap Water

Zinc is a common contaminant usually found in tap water, and it can bring about a wide range of health issues such as diarrhea, kidney, skin, intestinal, etc. Municipal authorities are expected to treat water for Zinc. However, it sometimes ends up in tap water, and therefore, it is up to you to ensure that you remove it completely.

Looking around your house for potential sources of Zinc is the first step that you should take. These could include chain link fences, old tires, spilled motor oil, metallic roofs, and anything else that might potentially consist of Zinc. That way, you’ll make sure that none of it leaches its way to the ground and pollutes the drinking water. Apart from reducing the risk of exposure, eliminating all sources of Zinc ensures you have a better-looking home.

  • Water Filtration Systems

With a few products out there that you can invest in, you can completely remove Zinc from your tap water. First of all, water filtration systems are particularly ideal for this. They are systems that are often fitted with a unique water filter that catches Zinc and other contaminants, which leaves your water safe to drink. Since these water filters are usually replaced about once a month, the contaminants will wind up right back into your water if you don’t.

There is a wide range of water filtration systems in the market. You can install some to cover all the taps in your home, and these are an excellent option since you eliminate the risk of exposure via the skin as well. However, many people these systems costly.

  • Water Filter Jugs

For those who feel that they can’t afford one, water filter jugs are a cheaper alternative. They often come with a water filter that you must also change once a month. There are many different types and brands of water filter jugs that you can choose from online. However, you should be extra cautious since not all of them are as great as they claim to be.

A water filter jug that’s made by a reliable company is what you ought to be looking out for. In case you might be wondering, water filter jugs don’t negatively affect the taste of your water, unless you are very sensitive to note any change. Since they come in various sizes, ensure that you take into account your family’s size before you purchase a water filter jug. Make sure to red buyer’s guides and gather enough information about best water filter pitcher brands to acquire the right device that will serve you for years.

Your choice will also rely on the amount of space that you will have to keep it in. A majority of people purchase one that they can easily fit in their fridge such that they can have cool water to drink at all times. Investing in a water filter jug is a wise idea that can help you in hydrating safely. What’s more, it has special filters that trap even more impurities, including Lead, Nitrates, etc.

You don’t require to purchase any special water to apply in a water filter jug, all you need to do is fetch some directly from your tap, and immediately it passes via the jug, it would be safe and ready to drink. Remember that these jugs eliminate microorganisms that could otherwise result in you being ill.

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