Lawyers for Clean Water, Inc.
1004A O’Reilly Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94129
p: (415) 440-6520
f: (415) 440-4155

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Lawyers for Clean Water is a San Francisco Green Business. In its continuing commitment to protecting and preserving the environment, Lawyers for Clean Water has incorporated sustainability into its core business operations. Specifically, the following policies and practices have been implemented:

  • Reducing waste at the source by reusing office supplies and paper and recycling all used products such as paper, plastics, glass, and aluminum.
  • Composting all food and plant discards.
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly and sustainable products such as FSC Certified copy paper produced chlorine-free containing 100% post-consumer recycled content, refurbished equipment and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges.
  • Conserving energy, water and natural resources to help lower the firm’s carbon footprint by offering telecommuting options and employee commuter benefits, turning off electronics when not in use, buying in bulk, and eliminating single-use disposable products such as single serve water bottles.