Are There Any Health Benefits Associated With Drinking Bottled Water?

Did you know that bottled water is one of two of the most frequently purchased beverages in the country? The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has estimated that the typical American drinks over 25 gallons of bottled water annually. So, are there any health benefits from drinking water in a bottle?

Bottled water is labeled and marketed under many different names including:

  1. Distilled
  2. Spring
  3. Purified
  4. Artisan
  5. Mineral

However, it does not matter what type of water you prefer to drink, the real question is whether bottled water offers any type of health benefits. Even though the FDA heavily monitors the safety of bottled water manufacturers, there is little evidence that any type of bottled water is healthier for you than water from the tap.

More Water Consumption

A lot of people prefer to drink bottled water because they feel as though it is more accessible to them than tap water, and this is true. Consumers can walk into almost any grocery or convenience store and purchase a bottle of water. Once they have are ready for another bottle of water, they can simply purchase another bottle instead of refilling up an empty bottle.

This ease of access has led to an increase in water consumption in the United States. Nutritionally, this benefits the body because consumers are choosing to reach of bottled water instead of drinks filled with sugar such as juice, soda or tea.


Many bottled water manufacturers have started to add certain nutrients to their products. For example, some of the major brands add potassium, electrolytes, and sodium to their bottled water. Besides, some manufacturers have started adding vitamin E and B vitamins to their bottled water.

Drinking water with these added nutrients, such as electrolytes, can offer benefits to athletes and others after a workout. Bottled water can replace traditional sports drinks by replacing electrolytes that are lost during perspiration.

However, it is important that these bottled drinks contain no more than 8% of concentrated carbohydrates. Anything more than that can cause issues with blood glucose stability.

Flavoring Additives

There are some people who like the taste of bottled water over the taste of tap water. In addition, there are some bottled water manufacturers that add flavoring additives to enhance the taste of their bottled water.

The tropical and fruity flavors can be useful in helping consumers transition from sodas and juices to bottled water.
However, many of these additives do have calories and are not completely sugar-free. Always read the labels on any flavored bottled water you want to purchase so you will know what types of ingredients are included.

Bottled water does offer some health benefits. However, no matter whether you choose tap or bottled water, as long as it is safe and clean, it is beneficial to your health and overall well-being.

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