Our Firm
Formed in 1998 by Daniel Cooper and Layne Friedrich, Lawyers for Clean Water, Inc. is a law firm specializing in public interest environmental law. We represent environmental and community groups in litigation and advocate for administrative action to strengthen environmental protection and enforcement of environmental laws. Based in San Francisco, Lawyers for Clean Water provides legal services to organizations throughout the State of California and beyond.

Our Representation
We represent environmental member-based organizations that are negatively impacted by discharges of illegal pollution to their local waterways. We have a working relationship with the California “Keeper” organizations and other members of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a non-profit grassroots organization created by Robert Kennedy Jr. to help protect and preserve the nation’s waters. We provide advocacy and litigation support as well as legal representation to the Keeper organizations, including the California Coastkeeper Alliance, Humboldt Baykeeper, Klamath Riverkeeper, Orange County Coastkeeper, Russian Riverkeeper, San Diego Coastkeeper, San Francisco Baykeeper, Santa Barbara Channelkeeper, Santa Monica Baykeeper, South River Keeper, and Ventura Coastkeeper. Lawyers for Clean Water has also had the opportunity to represent other environmental community-based organizations such as the Sierra Club, Mother Lode Chapter; Surfrider; and the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance.

The representation that we bring on behalf of the members of these environmental organizations is primarily based in federal court and filed pursuant to federal environmental laws allowing citizens to stop illegal pollution. Lawyers for Clean Water also provides representation to its clients in state court when challenging inadequate pollution permits. As a result, our attorneys have experience litigating cases brought under both federal and state environmental statutes.